About Shayne Champlin

About Shayne ChamplinI am a passionate and caring man. I have held every type of job in almost every type of industry. I have also experienced almost every type of leader one could have in my career. I have met thousands of people, and have developed thousands of relationships in my short life, both good and bad. I have done many things right, and exponentially more things wrong, and I am happy to say after all of that, failure is the quickest way to success.

Like you, for my entire life I have had a burning feeling in my heart; a feeling that I was meant for something great. I was created with an immeasurably important purpose, and I mean to fulfill that purpose. I don’t know what God has for me in His plan, but I am dedicated to figuring it out, and I hope that my experience can also lead to discovery and growth for you.

This blog is a place to process my thoughts, and to sort things out. I will be blogging on a handful of subjects including leadership, relationships, focus, spirituality, and communication. I will deviate from that occasionally though, so don’t be too hard on me.

I hope you get something from what I write. I am a regular person like the rest of you, but I believe that extraordinary things come from even the lowliest.

Your comments are always welcome and encouraged as long as they are thoughtful, thought provoking, genuine, and not snarky. Thanks for reading!