How to Add a Partner in Facebook Business Manager

Add me as a partner

A partner is another business with a Business Manager account. Another business might give permission to a partner to work on the business, but it won't grant them the ability to alter any assets or change anything about the business. An Admin must be the owner of the business to change business permissions. Before you can assign assets to a Partner, you'll have to add them to your business first.Add a Partner or Agency

  1. Go to Business Settings
  2. Under Users click Partners
  3. Click the blue + Add button
  4. **IMPORTANT** Enter my Partner Business ID - 369556233524286
  5. Choose a role for your partner and copy the shareable link
  6. Click Close
  7. Send your Partner your generated link as soon as possible.

    Note: Make sure the Partner you send the link to is an Admin of the business. Once you share the link with your Partner, they must open this link within 30 days or it will expire. A link may only be used once.
Shayne Champlin