Thanks for taking steps toward creating better content

The worksheet and video tutorial on how to use the worksheet are below, but first...

Thanks for downloading and using this tool.  I appreciate it.  There is a lot of shitty content in the world, and you're taking a stand against it by investing in your content strategy and the content strategy of your clients.  

Plus, it's going to be much more lucrative for you and for them. Win-Win!

Content is the cornerstone of all digital marketing.  There isn't a marketing channel that doesn't rely on it. So if you boost your content game, you boost ALL of your game. Ads, SEO, blog, social media, video, landing pages, website pages, podcast...ALL OF IT!

And if you do content marketing right, you should develop a crystal clear and very personal understanding of your customers, and your client's customers.  This process should lead you into the mindset and perspective of helping them understand their problems and helping them to find real solutions to them. You should start to think like them. Start to know them and feel personally connected to their stories and struggles. 

This empathy and connection is where the magic happens.   

Now before you go and dig into this worksheet and training video, and start banging out some videos and posts, take a few moments to join the "Art of Content & Video That Converts" Facebook group.  It's a new community dedicated to helping people like you and me create content and video that attracts a steady stream of targeted, qualified prospects and converts them into customers. 

The Art of Content & Video That Converts Facebook Group

There's a bonus cheatsheet waiting there for you as well!  It's called the High-Converting Content Cheatsheet & Checklist.  Check it out.  Right at the top of the group in a pinned post. 

How to Use the High-Converting Content Topic Generator Tool

If you haven't downloaded the content topic worksheet yet, click this link to do that.  You'll just make a copy of it into your own Google drive account and then you're off to the races. 

Watch the video below.  I walk through the entire process of using the sheet and what to do in each section.  I also show an example of a completed worksheet from one of my clients towards the end of the video.