Facebook Messenger – 4X More Effective Than Landing Pages & Email Marketing at Generating Qualified Leads that Turn into Customers

If you want to grow your business, you have to have a way to steadily and consistently generate good qualified prospects and leads that you can move forward through the sales process to a transaction.


Today I'm going to show you how consumer behavior is shifting drastically, and how you can capitalize on that to generate better leads that turn into customers faster and more often. 


Like I said, the landscape is changing rapidly and moving in a direction that is making conventional marketing work less and less effectively at generating leads that turn into customers. 


This will be a major problem for some companies in your space.


But, it's an even bigger opportunity for those that choose to move quickly and execute what I'm about to show you. Smart companies will capitalize on this change in market behavior and take advantage of it for significant growth.  


Others will ignore it, keep doing things in their marketing the way they've always done it, and because of that, get left behind.


And it's already happening.  


In this post, I'm going explain the shift that's happening in consumer behavior and show you how you can take advantage of this shift and profit from it in big ways. First, take a look at this image. 

Which scenario would you rather have in your marketing???

Scenario A - Email - Send 1000 messages

  • OPENS: 20% of 2000 = 400 OPENS
  • CLICKS: 3% of 400 = 12 CLICKS
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How to Determine If Your PPC Campaigns Are Losing Money

Is your PPC advertising profitable?

image source


Do you know if your PPC campaigns are actually profitable for your company? Do you want to know? Well this post is a tool you can use to ask the right questions to determine just that!


Whether you are utilizing a company outside of your own to manage your PPC campaigns or you do it in house, you will be able to determine if those campaigns are profitable by the end of this article.


PPC is expensive & should always be quantified by return on investment. You should also always quantify the amount of actual leads that you are generating from those paid advertising efforts, or you’ll most likely be leaving money on the table


…or worse, you could be losing money.


I have seen so many companies be in the position where they are just helpless in regard to PPC because they know they need to be doing it, or at least they think they do, but they don’t know how to correctly measure it’s effectiveness.


It’s a tough place to be.


Let that sink in for a minute…just think about it for a minute or two.


… I know it’s painful to even consider that you could be losing money.


Ok now we can move on from the discomfort to a glimmer of hope!


If you don’t know how much money each lead costs you, and how many PPC leads you need to

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Customer Buying Process Breakdown Worksheet

understand why and how your customers buy

This worksheet is meant to help you breakdown your customer’s buying process so you can see how to help them make the right decision for them and for you.  It will help you to see what your customer goes through before making a buying decision.  You can use this sheet for all of your customer groups.

The best way to use it is to take a customer group you have identified and breakdown each phase they go through in making their decision to buy from A to Z.

Then you will go through and put in the problems, fears, frustrations, and anxieties they are facing in each specific phase of the process.

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How to double your leads from your website by writing better content

Get more leads without increasing traffic

When you are faced with writing content for your website, one of the most difficult things in the world is to stare that that blank page with that disrespectful cursor sitting there just blinking at you,  taunting you to throw a punch at your computer monitor.

Especially when it comes to writing content about your products and services, it seems like our mind goes blank and we forget everything that makes us unique and so valuable to our customers and our market.

This is by far the norm rather than the exception for most people.  You are not alone!

What you need is a bit of a kickstart to help you get the juices flowing and your fingers clicking away at your keyboard.

You need a framework that allows you to answer some questions about your customers, some questions about your products and services, and questions about your company that will give you an effective formula that allows you to write great content that generates leads and engagement.

Content that not only explains what you do and how you do it, but communicates it in a way that captivates your potential clients and customers and has them anticipating the next step.

What You Will Learn in This Post

  • How to understand the key factors for your customers in making the decision to buy/engage/submit a form
  • How not to write content and how to see if you are doing it wrong right now.
  • How to get inside your customer’s/client’s head to
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How to Add a Video to Your LinkedIn Profile

This video demonstrates how you can add a Youtube video to display on your LinkedIn profile.  It is really easy, and it can be a very powerful way to get exposure for you and your business.  I will be following this video up with a video on how to remove video from your LinkedIn profile very soon.

Let me know if this was helpful for you or someone you know.

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