April 3, 2020

6 Point High-Converting Content Cheatsheet

What is the point of creating content for your business if it doesn't generate leads and business?  Really...if we're honest, that's the reason we're doing it.  I'm sure many branding advocates will disagree with me, but my opinion is that there is no point in putting all that time, energy and resources into all that content if it doesn't generate leads and customers. 

If you're like most businesses doing social media marketing, you've probably experienced a lack of ROI from it.  By ROI I mean $$$$$.  Lots of input of money, resources and energy...very little profit.  

You could even be experiencing lots of "engagement" and "interactions" and likes and comments that seem like profitable activity, but there's no measurable return of money happening. 

Sound familiar??? If so, keep on keepin' on...

And it's all about the content.

The reason there is no return on all of that investment into content, video, and social media is the content doesn't attract and convert prospects into leads and customers.

So, how do we fix that? 

Read below.  

Here's a cheatsheet and checklist of sorts to help you do two things.

1) Serve as a checklist for all of the content you create moving forward.  If you can check off even 3 or 4 things off the list below for every piece of content you create, you'll be creating content that will attract and convert more of your prospects into leads.  

2) Serve as a tool you use to evaluate and optimize the content that you have already created and published.  It will help you see what you need to add or take away to make your content better at serving your customer and better at turning them into sales conversations. 

Let's do this!!

1) Do you know exactly who, in detail, this piece of content you create is meant for?

Have you ever seen a post from a brand on Facebook or Instagram, and you have no idea who they are trying to attract or talk to? It even happens with big brands. Trying to reach everyone means you actually reach no one.

The key to creating content that attracts and converts your ideal clients is to first be crystal clear on who that is. If you don't know who they are, what they struggle with, what their questions are, what they believe, what they fear and what they need, you're just wasting time, money and energy.

Start by breaking down your buyer's journey and finding the main key steps they must take to purchase a product or service from you. Then look at each one of those steps through the lens of what problems, fears, questions, objections, misconceptions, lies they believe, & answers they need.

By doing that, you are basing your content strategy around meeting your prospects or your clients' prospects where they are and solving their problems which positions you as a resource and an authority and builds instant trust with your prospective customer.

2) Does this content directly raise or voice & address a real problem, fear, pain, misconception, limiting belief, objection, or question that your ideal customer has?

I see so many brands focus on the wrong things when they create their content, and they waste a ton of time, money, and resources because of it. Your role in your customer's journey should be to help them see their situation more clearly, help them see where they want to go, and to help them overcome the roadblocks to get there. That is what your content is meant to do for them.

At some point in their journey what you do and how you do it is relevant. But it's only relevant when they have those questions.

Outside of that, your job is to help them understand their situation more clearly and help them see the exact right next steps they need to take to get there.

3) Does this piece of content end in a clear & contextually relevant call to action?

You can tell the best customer stories in the world, and have the most value to give and still get nowhere with it if you don't call your reader to act in the content you post.

Let me ask you this...If you create the desire in someone to want to take action, shouldn't you give them an easy one they can take right now when they're most interested in most emotionally evoked?

If you're creating great content that leaves people hanging and doesn't give them the steps they should take next, you're doing them a disservice as well as your business.

That means that there's no room for ambiguity or for leaving someone hanging at the end with no next step to take. There is always something you can give them an option to do that will deepen their relationship with you and move them toward their goal of solving their problem.

It could be as simple as asking them to share this with someone or comment on it or like it if it's on social media.

It could be giving them a link to click in one of your posts that leads them to a blog post that's related to what you just talked about. And if that exists I promise you they'll want to know about it.

It could be offering a downloadable piece of content that's related to the blog post they just read.

The key is making sure you always have a next step for them to take when they're done consuming your content that is relevant to what they just read.

4) Does your content connect with the reader where they are in their own journey in a personal way?

Have you ever read a social media post or a blog post or watch the video and felt like they were talking to a crowd instead of to just you?

Maybe this is how your posts and videos and blog posts sound. And if so, you're missing the mark.

Anyone reading your content should feel like you're talking directly to them and them only.

They should feel like someone actually sees them in a real way. If you can connect more consistently in a human way, your response will be much better.

5) Is this piece of content absolutely clear on who you're talking to, calling them to attention?

We live in a world of perpetual scrolling.

When people browse social media, they swipe up and down and only stopped for things that catch their eye.

So you need to take that into consideration in your marketing and the content you create.

One of the best ways to do that is to directly call out the person that you're talking to. Especially on social media.

It needs to be clear who you are talking to in every post. Don't be afraid to call out your reader and get their attention. You'll be happy you did.

6) Does this piece of content answer a question, solve a problem, cause self-awareness, or benefit the reader in any real way? Are they getting practical real value they can execute on?

I see lots of brands post content on Facebook and Instagram that makes no sense for their business or their brand. It could be entertaining. It could be novel and interesting. But if it isn't focused on and connected to your ideal client/customer and doesn't speak to them, it will always fall flat.

There is something to be said for content that organically shows up in a company's Facebook feed about what's going on at the office that week. Or content that's meant to entertain, but that stuff won't attract and convert clients and customers. Sad, but true. I see it all the time.

It's because most content that is posted by companies is not about the customer and their problems and needs and wants. It's about the company, and it doesn't connect with the customer where they are in their own journey.

Please, don't ever create content just to post something.  All you do by doing that is make it harder for people to see the value you do post. 

Or, if you do, have a pool of topics you can pull from that actually solve your clients/customers problems and helps them move closer to what they want. create a content plan and strategy that's based on the problems and pains of your customer so that when you need create content, you already have high converting high-impact topics to start with.

All the rest is just waste, and ain't nobody got time for that!!!!

Next steps for you if you want to make sure your content and your clients’ content attracts and converts customers?

The above checklist can completely change the way you write your content through all channels and will help you see what content that converts looks like in a conceptual way.  

But I understand that you may be saying to yourself, “...but how do I do that with my content???”

And that is the next most important step to take.  And I can help you with that.  

I have a Facebook Group dedicated to helping people like you create content that actually attracts and converts real people into clients and customers. It’s called “The Art of Content & Video That Converts”.

🔥🔥This checklist is also available as a pdf at the top of the Facebook group 😉🤜!


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