About Shayne Champlin

Nice to meet you!  I'm Shayne, and I help hungry leaders and company owners grow themselves, their customers and their business through human-centered marketing and advertising as well as consulting services and coaching.  

I'm a purist.  That means that I love having great conversations with influential people and leaders that result in the best rising to the surface and putting it out into the world.  I help leaders and marketers understand their clients and customers in a way they have never understood them before, and then I help them get that message in front of the right people so they can see and utilize the companies products or services to solve their problems. 

Most people think that marketing is about telling and selling, but the truth is that it's really about asking and empathizing.  People are much more likely to seek your advice on how to fix their problem if they see and feel like you helped them understand that problem in a new way.  When they know that you understand how they are suffering and that you are there with them, they are much more willing to take your advice and your hand up out of it all. 

I also have a specific list of the things that I look for when it comes to companies that I work with. Which I'll outline below.  

Who I Work With

It's important for us to work well together if we're going to get the best results possible. If it's not the right fit, we'll both be locked into something that will feel like an expensive prison, and you won't get the results that you want and need for your company's growth. 

Excitement and Passion for the Problem You're Solving and The People You Solve that Problem For.

I only work with companies that are solving painful problems for real people in an impactful way, and that are excited about doing so.  I want to surround myself with the best when it comes to the intentions of people, and I don't work well with those that are pragmatic in their approach to solving problems.  

I also won't work with people that aren't excited and connected to the value that I bring to the table.  Either you'll be excited by the conversations we have and my ideas to grow your market share or customer base, or you won't be, and if it's the latter, it's best we just part ways at that point.  We are playing a game of high stakes, and you have to be bought into me as the one that can help you, or you won't trust me to do so, and no matter what we do together will fail. 

On the other hand, if we are both excited to work together, we'll make magic and big things happen that we'll both be surprised by.  

Similar Values / Chemistry

Have you ever worked with an agency partner or a consultant and you just couldn't get into a rythm of high level output together, or you just couldn't seem to get any real results that moved the needle the right direction.  

It could feel like you're just never on the same page.  Like the vibe is always a bit tainted and sour. It might feel like pulling teeth and disagreement most of the time.  Or like you just don't speak the same language or see progress the same way.  That's usually from a misalignment of values and a lack of chemistry.  That's why I'm clear about needing that from the very start. 

Either we'll feel it when we talk or we won't.  It's something I've developed a sense for over my 20+ year career in marketing as a consultant and coach.  In my initial client interview process, we'll have a couple to a few conversations about your business and what you want to accomplish.  Then I'll come up with a proposal and present it to you. 

By the end of that conversation, if we get that far, you'll either be excited about me and the prospect of working with me, or you won't.  Either is fine.  There may even be kinks in the proposal that need to be ironed out.  

What I'm looking for is excitement on my end to work with you and to feel inspired and confindent by the thought of helping you reach your goals of growth, and for you to feel it to.  

Again, you'll know and so will I by the end of that process.  But if we don't both feel it, I'll tell you so we don't make a bad investment for either of us.  

At the very least, you'll walk away with a better understanding of what you do want when we're done. 

Great Team Looking for a Partner to Help You Grow Strategically

I need a great team to work with to accomplish great things.  I am a strategist, and I know exactly what needs to be done to accomplish the goals we'll establish together.  But I'll need the people and the resources to get that done and a leader that is willing to invest where I direct them to, to be successful.  

I don't work with companies that are just starting out for that very reason.  

The great thing about the chemistry and value component I spoke about above is that the type of leaders that I work best with also attract the types of team members I need to get things done.  

Profit Potential

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  • Facebook Advertising
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing

I love to talk about marketing, and teach others to be effective profit amplifying digital marketers that serve their clients or businesses well.  So that's a big part of the content you're going to find here.

Your comments are always welcome and encouraged as long as they are thoughtful, thought provoking, genuine, and not snarky. Thanks for reading!

So, a little more about me....

I’ve been marketing and selling products and services for over 17 years.

I’ve worked with both local businesses as well as 3 years with one of the fastest growing software companies in the country, BombBomb.

When I started I was managing a few thousand dollars in ad budget and we did $4.7 million in revenue that year (2015).

When I left BombBomb, we were on track to do $20 million in 2018! Huge growth, and one of the best experiences, as a marketer, of my life.

My job was to drive traffic through various paid and organic channels and turn that traffic into leads and free trial signups for the software.

The extremely talented team I was a part of was generating multiple thousands of free trial signups per month, and an equal amount of leads from email signups for content downloads and events.

In addition to that, I was measured by how many qualified, quality leads I generated through our advertising and our cost per free trial and email signup.

I’ve run hundreds of ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and Instagram Ads, Adroll, Youtube, and Outbrain and have dedicated over a decade to understanding and mastering paid traffic and lead and customer generation.

And most recently, I’ve become fanatical about Facebook Messenger and SMS marketing and am dedicated to helping companies tap into these phenomenal mobile channels to get in front of more people that are better qualified so they can sell more products and services. 

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